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Nazwisko:Ricardo Antunes
Kraj: Portugalia
Dołączył:Maj 21, 2019
Ostatnia interakcja: Dziś o 10:53:58
Postów na forum:1035  (Zobacz posty)
Trofea GPRO: 0
Ilość GP:7 (198)
Zdobytych punktów:0 (254)
Zwycięstwa:0 (9)
Podia:0 (22)
Pierwsze Pola Startowe:0 (14)
Najszybsze okrążenia:0 (8)
Śr pkt/wyścig: 0 (1.28)
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Email: Ukryty
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Podstawowe informacje

Pierwsze GP: Sezon 70, Wyścig 9
Liczba logowań:4052
Czas spędzony na GPRO:2539.6 godzin
Data urodzenia: -
Miejsce urodzenia:-
Miejsce zamieszkania:-
Status związku:Chłopiec

Przegląd danych dot. gry

Grupa:Amateur - 28
Pieniądze: $??.???.???
Kierowca: Damien Edwards (114)
Dyr Tech: Brak
OW Personelu:18
Opony: Pipirelli
Nazwa teamu: Nitrous F3 Racing
Pozycja zespołu:344
Punkty zespołu:80.8331


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Kariera menadżerska Ricardo Antunes (Ostatnio uaktualnione: Maj 29 2021, 20:23:03)
I'm on the official GPRO Discord
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Send me a message: RAntoons PorkPie#8681

S80 Best Forum User
S81 Best Forum User
S81 HALL OF FAME --> thanks a lot guys!

Forum games played/hosted:

- 2023 F1 Power Racing - 2nd place
- MAFIA 09:12 - Win as Vanilla Town
- Cowboy Shoot-Off BETA SEASON - HOST (Winner: Lucas Holmes)
- Option Strategy Racer S1 - 6th place
- Cowboy Shoot-Off S1 - HOST (Winner: Pedro Moura)
- Auction Survival S1 - 8th place
- Novess - Nine Square Strategy - 5th place
- SRS B-League S43 - 15th place
- Cowboy Shoot-Off S2 - HOST (Winner: Geir Pukk)
- Newom! S0 - 8th place
- MAFIA SoJ - Loss as Vanilla Town
- Survivor GPRO S1 - ONGOING (DEAD)
- The GPRO Chess League BETA Season - ONGOING (22nd place)
- Wheel Of Fortune - ONGOING (1st place w/ Mairo and Tymoteusz)
- Ready, Aim, Fire XXV (The Lockdown) - 1st place
- Option Strategy Racer S2 - ONGOING (3rd place)
- MAFIA Less Pressure - Loss as Vanilla Town
- Football Forum Game S3 - ONGOING (League 2 - 6th place)
- Just Post Whatever I Tell You S3 - ONGOING (2 points)
- F1 Forum Game S208 NBA Legends Edition - 3rd place
- Tactical One Racing S2 - ONGOING (17th place)
- Camel Up S1 - 1st place
- MAFIA Stack The Character Deck - Loss as Vanilla Town
- Where's Wally? S1 - ONGOING (17th place)
- Championship Fives S8 - ONGOING (4th place)
- 2024 F1 Power Racing - ONGOING (7th place)
- Neowm! S1 - ONGOING (2nd place)
- Ready, Aim, Fire XXVI - DEAD IN ROUND 1
- F1 Forum Game S209 Sonic Edition - ONGOING (1st place)
- MAFIA Twin Trap - HOST (DAY 2)
- Camel Up! S2 - ONGOING (2nd place)
- Divide And Conquer S1 - HOST (HASN'T STARTED YET)

Throughout all GPRO history, there was a driver that stood out compared to all others. He is, without a doubt, the best human being on earth, and his name is Dino Miles.

Much like other GPRO drivers, he suffers from a disease which makes him age at insane speed; as a regular non-GPRO driver has their birthday every year, Dino has his birthday every couple of months. This, however, does not demoralize him, as he is able to live his life better than anyone else. With his bandana, he is the best what whatever he does, either it being driving, giving life advice, or even being a detective, which led to arresting 25 culprits leading the events of the Bucharest Ring hole at turn 3, which led the race to be postponed from Friday to Saturday (02/01/2021).

In his childhood people already knew he was not normal. He could speak at 2 months old and walk at 6 months old. He broke the world record of 100 meters sprint at 12 years old, beating Usain Bolt, and with that came the effective ban from all sports for being too good. His record was invalidated, and he was left to ashes.

After 5 years of being rejected for his excellence, Dino decided to get into the GPRO driving scenario. He knew he would begin to age every 2 months, until he retired, but he knew it was his only chance at competing at anything, really. After speaking with several GPRO admins, he got a deal for himself: he could enter the GPRO scenario, if he made his mission to not bring success to any driver.

And with that, he began to race. With his goal in mind, he still could not just DNF from every race, with the risk of being found out, and so he had to grab some points here and there, to avoid suspicions. Until one manager came along.

Ricardo Antunes had just gotten into Amateur-16, and was searching to get his driver, when he found Dino Miles. He hired the driver, and what seemed to be a normal season for Dino quickly became something else.

Dino fell in love for Ricardo’s passion and love for the races and had to witness his heartbreak every time he was unable to score points. Ricardo tried to figure out how to get to the points every race, without knowing the true reason he could not get points was because of Dino Miles.

Dino eventually started to want to win races for Ricardo, such was his passion and will, but was not too comfortable yet. Until one race. In the last race of the season, Dino found himself in 4th place due to many drivers dropping out and smoking, and he was ready to drop out, when he passed the finish line for the last lap. He saw one man in the fence, the manager himself, cheering him up. He was there for Dino. Something no other manager has ever done to him. He was the only one to be grateful for Dino’s effort. So, having lost to his heart, Dino went full speed and finished the race. Ricardo was full joy and tears. Dino quickly became full joy and tears as well, since this was the highest position he got in a long while.

But the GPRO admins did not like this. After the race, they approached Dino and told him he got too many points. He would have to leave Ricardo as soon as his contract ended.
He was heartbroken. The best manager he ever had, and it was all for nothing thanks to him. He could have had many seasons of joy with Ricardo but threw it all away in one single race. He could not race with this situation. He wanted to leave racing forever. He was depressed.

Ricardo, being his friend, noticed that and asked him what was wrong. They had just won 5 points, and he thought Dino would be extremely happy too! But then, against all odds, Dino told him the truth. Ricardo stood there for some minutes, without moving, processing all he had just been told. He sat down and simply said: “Then let’s get you above 110 OA so that you can leave me with a reason”. Dino was shocked. He thought for sure that Ricardo would hate him. But instead, they became even closer friends.

And so, they increased Dino Miles’ OA to above 110, so that Ricardo could not extend the contract, and therefore, they would part ways. But, after 1 manager, and consequently being left with no manager, Dino decided it was time to return to his best friend, and stay as his right-hand man, for GPRO, and for life. He decided to retire shortly after so that he could totally focus on helping Ricardo in winning the GPRO title in Elite, while also doing other jobs related to GPRO racing. A challenge that will take many seasons, and might fail several times, but as long as Dino Miles is there, Ricardo always has a chance.

All my points gotten are dedicated to my best driver ever, Dino Miles. Respect the bandana