Force One

Dominik KardaMartin RosinaWill EelRobert KearneySébastien BoulangerMantas ŠeštokasPetr ValíčekJohn LambMarco FerrazAndre Morato  da Silva

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Malowanie teamu:
Nazwa teamu: Force One
Strona teamu: Brak
Utworzony: Sezon 56, Wyścig 1
Mistrzostwa: 4
Puchary zespołowe: 5
Suma punktów: 23,194.17
Średnia punktów/wyścig: 31.26
Średnia punktów/sezon: 531.40
Średnia pozycja w klasyfikacji: 59.81
Najwięcej punktów w wyścigu: 65.60 (Sezon 74, Wyścig 8)
Pozycja w tym sezonie: 50
Punkty zdobyte w tym sezonie: 289.7998
Osiągnięcia zespołowe:

57% odblokowane

Najwięcej członków w Elicie: 2 (Sezon 60, Wyścig 1)
Łącznie doprowadzonych do Elity: 9
Liczba wyścigów w klasie:
Wszystkie wyniki:
Wyniki w tym sezonie:
Liczba supporterów: 7
Wolnych miejsc: 0 (Aplikacje nie są przyjmowane)

Członkowie teamu

Miejsce Kraj Nazwisko menadżera Grupa Wkład
01. Dominik Karda Master - 1 16.8% (3.3%)
02. Martin Rosina Master - 5 10.5% (2.8%)
03. Will Eel Amateur - 23 8.7% (3.9%)
04. Robert Kearney Pro - 25 4.8% (3.8%)
05. Sébastien Boulanger Amateur - 23 1% (2.1%)
06. Mantas Šeštokas Pro - 11 17.7% (2.5%)
07. Petr Valíček Pro - 10 7.3% (1.9%)
08. John Lamb Pro - 14 17.6% (1.7%)
09. Marco Ferraz Amateur - 55 4.8% (0.4%)
10. Andre Morato da Silva Amateur - 50 10.7% (0.3%)

Logo teamu

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Founded in Season 56, Force One was created with one goal in mind - to get some of the most talented GPRO managers together and achieve success not just individually, but also as a team. With such a team at its disposal, it was not a surprise Force One aimed for the team title as quickly as possible.

Indeed, it only took the team 3 seasons to reach the team cup and 6 seasons to finish in the top 10 overall with a brilliant 5th place in Season 62, where they also reached the 2nd round of the team cup. From there on, Force One became a staple in the top 10 as the star-studded team prepared for a title push.

In Season 65, Force One won its first team cup, beating Team Edifice in the cup final and finishing 3rd overall. However it wasn't until five seasons later in Season 70, when FO began its domination in the teams' championship. In the following five seasons, and aided by teamwork and great results all around the team, Force One won the championship and cup double 4 times (S70-72-73-74) and finishing 2nd in both competitions in S71.

Following this, the team never reached such heights and in Season 78 the teams were split into two with the addition of Brute Force. Since then, Force One spent the next couple of years in a rebuilding phase with people coming and going, while the Brutes took off immediately and became a stable top 15 team with multiple members in Elite each season.

In Season 93, Force One returned to the team cup after 11 seasons, perhaps a sign of positive things to come... surely, it is only a matter of time before Force One joins Brute Force in the highest levels of the leaderboard, where they both belong.

- - - - - - -

Currently, the two teams run parallel to one another in terms of the team standings but more importantly work as one team when it comes to advice, analysis, research, encouragement and good fun!

We have a proven record of both experienced managers and fresh prospects joining the Force family & progressing into the highest echelons of GPRO. In season 95, Brutes' André became the first member to ever compete for the Elite title, finishing 2nd overall. Alongside him, Alexei took his first Elite win in a long time. 5 wins in Elite in the same season for Force!

- - - - - - -


Force One:
S56-77: Alexei Malkin
S78-83: Michael Keeney
S84-93: Alexander Kunze
S94-present: Dominik Karda

Brute Force:
S78-present: Alexei Malkin

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