Rolling Thunder

Robbert BultstraJenne BreugelmansDaniel Bonilla

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Pintura de carro da Equipa:
Nome da equipa: Rolling Thunder
Website da equipa: Nenhum
Estabelecida: Época 23, Corrida 10
Campeonatos: 0
Vitórias em eliminatórias da Taça: 0
Total de pontos: 21,744.18
Média pontos/corrida: 19.93
Média pontos/época: 338.82
Posição na classificação média: 185.38
Maior nº pts ganhos numa corrida: 48.07 (Época 72, Corrida 16)
Posição da época: 535
Pontos da época: 41.4664
Feitos da equipa:

24% desbloqueado

A maior parte dos membros em Elite: 1 (Época 34, Corrida 1)
Membros trazidos para Elite: 1
Número de corridas representadas em:
Resultados cumulativos:
Resultados esta época:
Número de apoiantes: 1
Lugares vagos: 0 (Não aceitamos candidaturas)

Membros da equipa

Lug Nac Nome do Manager Grupo Contribuição
01. Robbert Bultstra Amateur - 8 5.1% (4.4%)
02. Jenne Breugelmans Master - 5 77.2% (6.2%)
03. Daniel Bonilla Amateur - 22 17.7% (1.1%)

Logo da equipa

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"I'm Rolling Thunder, pouring rain,
I'm coming on like a hurricane." from AC/DC's "Hell's Bells."

We value old-school ideas like dedication, teamwork and maturity in achieving our goals. We strive to help each other find the best course of action and then let the points come from doing the right thing. The team is built on the idea that we will each contribute something while having fun playing this great game together. We expect that all members be a supporters to give something back to this game.

The team was started in season 23 by Stephen Brooks along with some friends. In Season 66, he again took over the team and welcomed some old friends as well as new ones to restart the team. If we have openings, send the team leader an application and the team will consider it.


Current crew:

Robbert "Pitbull" Bultstra
Jenne "Marathon Man" Breugelmans
Rogério "Come Back" Araken

Our recruitment thread:

Note: Please write an application and send it to the team leader before applying to the team or your application will be automatically rejected.

Banner and Livery designed by Lukas Hajduk.

V. I. P.
Stephen '' The Founder'' Brooks.
Pete "The Owl" Lohvansuu