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Име:Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont
Држава: Бразил
Игра од:3 Jул, 2008
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Каријера Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont (Последње ажурирање: Maј 5 2010, 12:33:09)

Step 1: find a driver that'll take me to Amateur.
Step 2: score points (podium maybe?)
Step 3: Wait. Wait. Wait! New driver. First race. Third place. Didn't win because of fuel load. You live, you learn. Second race. Yes! Maiden victory on GPRO after nine seasons! Now I'm on it. For good.

Epilogue: Balance. It was all about balance. And it was a tough season. 8 different winners. I'm good for the championship but I got only 3 victories so far. Finances... hmmm, not good. A couple of victories more would have me have two sponsors, not only one. Still, the driver's good and although I'm certainly not counting on promoting again next season, he will eventually take the next step. The key, I think, is training. I just have to find out which training will get me the best results.


You gotta have a fat pocket, a balanced driver and a good car. It's not just talent, nor is it just an expensive car (can you keep it all through the season?). It's all about balance. That's what I'm looking forward to in S19


Current goals:
- Promote to Pro
- Renew Bruno Meira's contract
- Train him so he can be competitive
- Sign at least two sponsorship contracts (one is underway)

Current utopian dreams:
- Qualify as pole position once
- Win once

Current moto: I can do this!


Epilogue: And so it is. Another season, good achievements. Upgraded theories. Always learning. Never steping nor looking back in anger. 3 points on what should have been a 3rd place (*) plus positive balance after R17. Yes, I'm still on Amateur 57! The most important lesson I've learned this season is: there is no single driver attribute that makes him a winner. My current driver is ridiculously fast when it's raining but not so fast when it's not. He is somewhat consistent, he makes few mistakes and yet he can't get to 8th place when the track is dry. His qualifyings are not so good either. Motivation? Aggression? Stamina? Technical Insight? Weight? Age? Here's what I have to say on this: it's a combination of all those. Which one to grind first? I don't know. Well, that's part of the fun, ainnit? As for testing, I did some but it proved almost (almost!) useless. I got a hint on the differences to seting up the car for rain/dry conditions; that's as much as I'm writting here.

(*) There was the likes of 10% rain probability during the first half of hour. I fueled the car enough to complete 16 laps and it rained for 11. During the first 10 laps, I managed to pull away from the leader of the championship by 37,8 seconds. He won many races, got tons of second places, he had a far better car than I had (always a level 3 or 2 - compare that with a level 5 car).

Current goals:
- Stay on Amateur 57 come S17
- Train Bruno Meira
- Score 1 point to secure retaining A57

Current utopian dream:
- Get enough money to start doing testing

Current moto: bring it on!


Current goals:
- Stay on Amateur 57 come S16
- Score points
- Keep Emanuele Adamich for S16

Epilogue: After scouting for young promises during the season, I decided to ditch Emanuele Adamich and sign Bruno Meira. I found out that, although Bruno has better key stats, he also needs more training than Emanuele needed. The point being I was doing the wrong training sessions with my former driver. All in all, he is indeed promissing and I expect results to start coming my way this next season. All right, it won't be in the first half of it. Period. To be honest, my current plans are to stick with training Bruno and aim for promotion come S17. Until results come, it'll be the usual strugle with money.

PS: No reset so far but I'm pretty confident I'll stay on Amateur 57.


Current goal: staying on Amateur 57.

Epilogue: I'm still on Amateur! Not so much to tell, except the consistency and reliability of the car. Finances did not go as planned. I went negative in the last couple of races though I knew it was no problem.

+good driver (he needs some improvement, but he is good/promissing nonetheless)
+reliable car (i dropped out of one race out of 17)
-finances (car level did not go hand in hand with my results)


Yes, I did get the hang of it. As far as finances are concerned, that is. Driver-wise, I'm still on probatory newbie status. Jim Henton was the cheapest driver I could get, yet he seemed (and proved to be) constant. His times would increase to be competitive as fuel loads went down. Maybe I need to spice things up with some aggression. Maybe.

First race, third place. Yes! End of story. The rest was a couple of points here and there and a three bar car by the end of the season. Plus a 300k sponsor (should have two sponsors - damn it, A. Laskins! ^^) and 19mil on the bank. Season restart, 0% wore car and, omg, I'm on Amateur!

So, I'll have to stick to raising my financial power if I can and, meanwhile, I'll have to look for better drivers.

+constant driver
+lower equipment wear
+good race progression
- no victories
- poor qualifying results


I think I finally got the hang of it. By the end of the season. Ok, the championship leader didn't race the last couple of rounds. Still, I got three podiums, a renewed theory on car setup (which seems to work fine) and a fastest lap. All that on the last three rounds!

+ good car setups
+ good race strategies
- bad season start


A season to be forgotten. S11 is just a compilation of bad decisions.

- bad drivers
- high driver salary
- too much risk


Promissing start. Mr Barbazza is very talented and was very consistent. That and some good racing strategy allowed for 30 something points.

+ good racing strategy
- finances
- badly spent resources
- over the top salary