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Име:Paul Joy
Држава: Енглеска
Игра од:5 Aвг, 2008
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Сертификат: Успешно је положио ГПРО сертификациони тест! (9 Дец, 2008)

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Прва трка: Сезона 10 - Трка 11
Број пријављивања:776
Време проведено на ГПРО:249.8 сати
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Тренутни статус:У фиктивном браку

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Каријера Paul Joy (Последње ажурирање: Дец 8 2009, 01:37:26)
I have not achieved my goal until i`m pro without a team
I will keep on climbing and falling on my own steam

When i`m able to turn that corner faster than before
and burn down the straight quicker than Felipe Aguiar

then i will scout for someone just as good as me
and join forces together and make racing history

So far iv struggled and getting no where fast
iv also been called the train that lets no one past

but this season i just really dont know
maybe i`ll be demoted or maybe i`ll go pro

one thing for sure im doing it alone
so whatever the outcome i really can`t groan.

wow ! a few races have past and i can feel promotion is near
i smell the bubbly as i change through the gears

yes im certain, i will now go pro
im staying up with the big boys go! go! go!

oh no, rain is here, its my biggest dread!
now i have doubts agian its messin with my head

drys or wets to start the race?
it could all go wrong and lose my place

Oh my god i made it here!!!
pour the wine and spread them my dear

Now im pro i must keep my cool
maybe join a team or stick to my rule.

iv made it this far on my own steam
why not go all the way and take all the cream

i think i will take it easy this season to make sure i stay
here in pro one sounds nice dont you say?

well its been some time and iv gone down again
but its not the reason i feel the pain

stupid paypal wont load up so i cant pay
which gives me no insight of my past display

iv enjoyed the time here i must say
and made some nice friends on the way

now its time to hang up my gloves i think
as i dont have the time and my lap times stink

so good bye fellow managers and good luck to you all
but for me its farewell my engine has stalled.