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Име:Richard Harris
Држава: Енглеска
Игра од:3 Jан, 2009
Последња посета: Апр 3 2020, 16:03:55
Порука на форуму:35  (Прикажи поруке)
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Сертификат: Успешно је положио ГПРО сертификациони тест! (20 Jун, 2013)

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Прва трка: Сезона 12 - Трка 14
Број пријављивања:1759
Време проведено на ГПРО:324.2 сати
Датум рођења: -
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Тренутни статус:Сам/-а

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Група:Rookie - 60
Пласман у сезони:16
Новац: $??.???.???
Возач: Costi Cosma (93)
Тех. дир.: Нема
Ниво особља:3
Гуме: Pipirelli
Тим: The Aliens GPRO Team
Team position:1380
Тимски поени:0


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Каријера Richard Harris (Последње ажурирање: Окт 28 2019, 00:11:16)
I Started GPRO in Season 12 Race 12 but didn't Start racing until Race 14!
I was Promoted the next season. Season 13 saw a lot of tech problems, poor finance and relegation!
I was Relegated the next season to Rookie, but managed to be re promoted to amateur. but demoted the next season again!
I was Promoted the next season Started the Aliens GPRO Team, but have now been demoted the next season again!
This season I'll be in Rookie again and may acutely re promote and stay up!
Well it's season 16 this season I'm going by the book (that's my book within the GPRO rules obviously!), hopefully I might reach amateur, but let's not get too optimistic shall we! who knows anything can happen!
Well it's season 17 this season and I'm still in Rookie, this season I'm going to focus on my Driver and the track.
Well it's season 18 this season and I'm still in Rookie, this season I'm going to focus on my Finances.
Well it's season 19 this season and I'm still in Rookie, this season I'm going to focus on trying to keep my Finances in the green, train my driver, and pay close attenuation on trying to get to Amateur. So that's it for now may be I'll make it this season but let not get to optimistic shall we! who knows anything can happen!
Seasons 20-25 where Uneventful to say the least.
Ok, Had a very bad season 26 kinda forgot to race and needed to re-activate, So I'm just goin' to race this season (27) and we'll just see what happens, Who knows I may even mange to get back in to Amateur.
Ok Seasons 28-31 seem to have gone quite quick, don't remember anything of interest ether Funny that is.
So it's now season 32, I'm still in Rookie and have this funny feeling that Rookie is harder to get out of then to get into LOL. I'm just going to focus on the races for now.
Ok, It's season 33 so far it's just like all the other seasons no improvements, so next season I'm going to keep a record of my races and try and figure out where I need to concentrate on! So What Do I know about GPRO? So far not much but I did kinda figure out what driver training pros and cones are, that risks increase the damage to your car and cost you more money, other than that not much more.
So now it's season 35 don't know were the seasons gone, last season was the same as most the other seasons no change.
So It's now season 36 been racing for about 22 seasons this being seson 23 may promote due to extra slots in Amateur. Finally passed Certification Yea!
season 37 same as most season really.
Season 38 managed to get some points and tried new tyre strategies.
So now it's season 39 been here for 26 seasons (give or take) now, this season I'm going for tyre and money strategies mainly, not really aiming for Amature but may make it. Season 39 is looking good so far have 19 points and in the top 5 currently I'm 4th so I might just make Amature next season, but I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet there is a long way to go yet. Season 39 update didn't make Amateur finished season 10th with 29 points.
So Season 40 is here going for the same strategy as last season plus going to experiment on wing gap to see how much diffence it'll make.
Seasons 41-45 nothing to comment on just a normal set of seasons. Seasons 46-51 where no shows got a bit bored and need some time to think about my race strategies.
Season 52 started back mid-season not much improvement.
Season 53 this was a good season made it to 7th with 49 points and nearly made it to amateur, tried new tire, fuel, race and practice strategies.
Now it's Season 54 keeping to last seasons strategies as they seem to be working and so far so good, just need to concentrate and hope that RNG is on my side lol. This seasons gone quite good so far, placed 1st on group with 95 points just 15 points between me and joint 2nd with just 2 races left this is going to be the hardest part trying to keep my balance in the black while also keep my car in a OK state. So this is it one race left a badly damaged car but positive funds keeping the car in its current stat as now I'm focusing on bringing some funds to Amateur with 97 points I've won this group even if it goes bad next race 2nd place needs 11 points to draw and it's 10 for a win there's no chance for them to win this season. It's been a very good and frustrating season so after the next race I'm going to focus on trying to stay in Amateur and I know that'll be a hell of a challenge but I might have just learned enough to pull it off maybe just maybe I'll just have to wait and see. So I've made if Amateur finally got a good blanced too and 100 points 2nd had 86 and 3rd had 82 so I'm very happy with this plus it's my first season win so now I just need to concentrate on Amateur, this has been a great season and I like to thank both 2nd and 3rd place for making it anow interesting one.
Dropped to Rookie again for season 55 cash flow and car maintenance issues.
Season 56 was OK better cash flow and car maintenance was fairly good.
So now still in Rookie but it seems a bit better than last season, time will tell.
Seasons 57 - 68 very uneventful nothing new to add either.
Season 69 this was a great season finished 3rd with 87 points and just under $2.9 mil plus I also got promoted to amateur group 47.
So Starting season 70 in Amateur, hoping to stay there but anything can happen in GPRO it's all about a lot of luck, a bit of strategy and a big dollop of hope and prayer to the RNG Gots of GPRO. I keep updating this but have know idea if anyone will actually read this so it's mainly just something for me to track my GRPO career.
Season 71 saw me get relegated again.
Season 72 was a very good season got promoted to Amateur with cash and 2 sponsors finished 1st with 88 points. Also won the cup.