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Име:Helonaki Segamisi
Држава: Јапан
Игра од:26 Jан, 2009
Последња посета: Окт 20 2020, 17:24:17
Порука на форуму:237  (Прикажи поруке)
ГПРО трофеја: 0
Број трка:5 (955)
Поена:4 (2654)
Победа:0 (100)
Подијума:0 (247)
Пол позиција:0 (139)
Најбржих кругова:1 (72)
Просек поена по трци: 0.8 (2.78)
Сертификат: Успешно је положио ГПРО сертификациони тест! (22 Mарт, 2009)

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Имејл: Сакривена
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Лични подаци

Прва трка: Сезона 13 - Трка 1
Број пријављивања:2834
Време проведено на ГПРО:1606 сати
Датум рођења: -
Место рођења:-
Место становања:-
Тренутни статус:У отвореној вези

Game data overview

Група:Amateur - 9
Пласман у сезони:20
Новац: $??.???.???
Возач: Нема
Тех. дир.: Нема
Ниво особља:10
Гуме: Pipirelli
Тим: OLYMPIACOS Superleague Formula
Team position:332
Тимски поени:144.5332


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Каријера Helonaki Segamisi (Последње ажурирање: Aвг 17 2011, 12:01:38)
First season! s13, Rookie-8, Promotion! 4th(could be 3rd, DNS 2 races).
s14, Amateur-16, 7th(could be 6th, DNS 1 race).

s18, Amateur-16, 6th(could be 3rd, DNS 3 races).
s19, Amateur-16, 6th(DNS 1 race).

s21, Amateur-16, 2nd. Promotion to Pro after 8 seasons in Amateur-16!!!
s22, Pro-11, Relegation. With Pipirelli tyres i was strong enough for points last 2 races but a risk mistake in gp16 gave me a start crash and ruined my good chances.

s23, Amateur-18. I spent the whole season looking for a good driver to take down with me to Rookie for a fresh start. I used 13 different drivers!!! and DNS 6 races... and the last one was the chosen one! (ID=7255).
s24, Rookie-115, 3rd. Easy promotion to Amateur while focusing on training the special one!(that kept me economy low though).
s25, Amateur-21, still focusing on training the special one and scoring the minimum of points required to stay in amateur at the last 3 races. Plan was running smoothly but... along came the gpro server failure before last race of the season... just after i upgraded my car for last race and i went slightly negative balance... and i lost my driver... (ID=7255) :O/
End of s25 failure...
connection to server failure...
i was connected to gpro trying to do my quals. and suddenly 10-12 minutes before the quals deadline i could not connect to gpro! my connection was running smoothly still in other games. i was waiting until 18:23 trying to connect but nothing... i run to a teammate's house desperate to do my quals but it took me 10 minutes to get here and now i am out of the race... with slightly negative balance... i am doomed to relegation... i didn't skip a single race all season and now i get this :(

s26, Rookie-81. Fresh start again(not my choice this time). I searched for the best possible driver selection(ID=19354), combining potential(age19 & talent141), ability to score points and promote directly to amateur(concentration124 & stamina53), and as low salary as the other bidders allowed. Focusing on training well my driver and still chasing the Rookie-81 championship and cup for the first time in my career is wrecking my financial status but I want to say goodbye to Rookie and never come back this time. I lost in cup semi-finals from Cristian Lazan(IDM=210094), gp12 was the one with an unexpected last laps pit stop(messed up weather) that cost me 3rd place(i finished 9th, Cristian was 7th...) and eventually the cup.