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Име:Daniel Van Brienen
Држава: Холандија
Игра од:14 Апр, 2007
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Сертификат: Успешно је положио ГПРО сертификациони тест! (9 Aвг, 2007)

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Прва трка: Сезона 4 - Трка 1
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Каријера Daniel Van Brienen (Последње ажурирање: Jан 28 2009, 08:08:15)
S4: First season.
It was a real learning season, a lot of financiel problems and a expensive driver who didn't perform.
In the last race I was able to score a point, in s5 many would follow

S5: second season.
After a slow start I was able to secure some points and the money flow was in order, mid season i became a regular on the podium, even winning four races in a row. Yeah promoted.

S6: third season.
-Joint The Flying Dutchmen , hope i can learn a lot from them and make some contributions myself.
-First 2 races in amateurs where a shock, totally lagging speed......3s during the race and even more in qual.
-Fired my driver and signed a new on.....hope this one is beter or it's back to the rookies.
-Race 4 best result this season p27 :( gonna keep training my staff and driver....maybe the results will get beter
-Race 13 Races are going beter, costed a lot of money, but I managed to make a p10 finish, I'm just above the relegation line :). Who knows Maybe I can stay in Amateurs.
-last races many managers didn't repair there car, I was able to secure 3 points and a spot in amateurs

S9: after struggling in amateurs, it's back to the rookies.

S10 Didn't hire a great driver, but I manage to score points, but made a mistake at the start of the season, next season will be rookies as well.

S11: Things wend better, p5 overall and promoted to amateurs

S12: Finnaly got a good driver, lets see what we can do
First race was ok with a p13, to bad a puncture caust a early pitstop in the 2nd stint, which caused an extra pitstop at the end of the race. Points where possible.
Race Four after 2 races with fuel pick up problems, this time I had enough fuel and secured 2 points.
If every things goes ok I will stay in amatuers.
It wend even beter then expected, scored 2 podiums and finished 7th overall.

S13: Hope to performe as good or beter then last season, looking at the qualification there is a good change to perform very well.