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Име:Jas Fraser
Држава: Аустралија
Игра од:14 Maј, 2015
Последња посета: Јуче у 05:58:04
Порука на форуму:113  (Прикажи поруке)
ГПРО трофеја: 0
Број трка:5 (474)
Поена:4 (653)
Победа:0 (11)
Подијума:0 (50)
Пол позиција:0 (18)
Најбржих кругова:0 (8)
Просек поена по трци: 0.8 (1.38)
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Имејл: Сакривена
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Лични подаци

Прва трка: Сезона 47 - Трка 7
Број пријављивања:2417
Време проведено на ГПРО:1112.8 сати
Датум рођења: -
Место рођења:-
Место становања:-
Тренутни статус:У фиктивном браку

Game data overview

Група:Amateur - 79
Пласман у сезони:12
Новац: $?.???.???
Возач: Tom Salignon (109)
Тех. дир.: Нема
Ниво особља:19
Гуме: Pipirelli
Тим: GV international racing team
Team position:493
Тимски поени:31.7333


Mike (A8) - 1 трка
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Каријера Jas Fraser (Последње ажурирање: Jун 24 2019, 19:17:18)
Great game, I got a long way to go before I trouble the pace setters. Still a struggling rookie but I'll get there....... Hopefully....4/8/15

Trying to stay amateur.... Ha, a rookie amateur at best. To risk or save is the debate. Holding on to driver & facilities is my aim
Maybe planning for multiple seasons next time when relegated... It's race by race atm, either way, it's a great challenge . 19/10/16

Got 5 seasons in developing a driver only to run short on $'s for a serious go at pro, now to (hopefully) replace with a "ready to go pilot"..... :-) it's still as good a challenge as when I began. 28/11/2017

Ok,ok. I realize now that a well timed rebuild is what's required. Hopefully I can get this done in amateur and take myself to master in the next 4-5 seasons....
Such a good game I'm aiming a year in front! 19-8-2018

Pro!! It's got serious now :-) puts the rebuild back a season. See how I go........8/12/2018

Relegation! I'm only an amateur at best here so the shoe fits. I need $'s but short term victory is so alluring.....still. Maybe if I can save and guarantee myself points early next season I will attempt a rebuild and shoot high, instead of trying to find the right pilot each promotion(the impossible dream) . Takes about 10 minutes to play, yet I spend all week thinking about it. Great fun still. 24-6-2019