Cavalli Malati

Jasper CoosemansRyan TyrrellRohan LeoJames BrownTwig FahajiPieterjan StaessenJoachim RangRobert LeeAlexander CantTan S Lake

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Тимске боје:

Име: Cavalli Malati
Сајт тима:
Основан: Сезона 56 - Трка 8
Трофеја: 0
Победе у тимском купу: 0
Укупно поена: 8,639.27
Просек пона по трци: 25.48
Просек поена по сезони: 433.24
Просечан пласман: 127.81
Највише поена освојених у једној трци: 57.53 (Сезона 75 - Трка 14)
Пласман у сезони: 16
Поена у сезони: 211.0001
Тимска достигнућа:

19% остварено

Највише чланова у Елит рангу: 3 (Сезона 76, Трка 1)
Број чланова који су дошли до Елит ранга: 4
Укупан број трка у:
Ове сезоне:
Број супортера: 2
Слободних места: 0

Чланови тима

Место Нац Име Група Допринос
01. Jasper Coosemans Elite 26.9% (16.4%)
02. Ryan Tyrrell Amateur - 27 5.9% (9.4%)
03. Rohan Leo Pro - 14 5.7% (7.3%)
04. James Brown Elite 4.1% (7%)
05. Twig Fahaji Master - 3 7.7% (4.6%)
06. Pieterjan Staessen Master - 4 19.8% (5.9%)
07. Joachim Rang Elite 11.8% (7.9%)
08. Robert Lee Master - 5 3.3% (4%)
09. Alexander Cant Master - 1 6.1% (3.7%)
10. Tan S Lake Master - 1 8.7% (0.5%)


Инфо |  Статитстика чланова |  Достигнућа |  Историјат |  Догађаји |  Посетиоци
The CANI MALATI team was established in Season 40 by Carlo Merli. Some 15 seasons later, the family has grown to three teams. Everyone is welcome here regardless of previous experience, as long as you are willing to commit to the team on the long term and are keen to improve your game all the time.

As of Season 74, our family has helped 16 members reach Master for the first time. 4 of them have gone on to Elite.

Our Discord chat and external team forum are active and full of guides and other useful information. Our tools help you plan every little detail in your career.

If you would like to join this successful project, contact one of our team leaders or come to the chat, where you will regularly find some of our members!

Recent highlights:
- S71: Twig Fahaji becomes the first Malati to reach Elite
- S72: George Slater scores Malati's first Elite points and podium
- S72: two of our teams reach the quarter finals of the Team Cup
- S72: best ever team result - 7th
- S74: George Slater takes our first ever Elite race win

CANI MALATI (Sick Dogs) (est. S40)


CUCCIOLI MALATI (Sick Puppies) (est. S50)


CAVALLI MALATI (Sick Horses) (est. S56)


our theme song: