Red Bulldog Racing

Jay De SnooMark Van DaalenSinan BahadirJustin ValdezMartino ColomboDaniel DouglasFrancesco FondelliMartin JonesFinn Shaw-McIverMikie Shaw

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Тимске боје:

Име: Red Bulldog Racing
Сајт тима: http://red-bulldog.board...
Основан: Сезона 66 - Трка 12
Трофеја: 0
Победе у тимском купу: 0
Укупно поена: 2,979.25
Просек пона по трци: 18.17
Просек поена по сезони: 308.82
Просечан пласман: 246.52
Највише поена освојених у једној трци: 37.43 (Сезона 74 - Трка 1)
Пласман у сезони: 100
Поена у сезони: 109.9165
Тимска достигнућа:

19% остварено

Највише чланова у Елит рангу: 1 (Сезона 75, Трка 1)
Број чланова који су дошли до Елит ранга: 1
Укупан број трка у:
Ове сезоне:
Број супортера: 8
Слободних места: 0

Чланови тима

Место Нац Име Група Допринос
01. Jay De Snoo Master - 3 13.1% (14.6%)
02. Mark Van Daalen Amateur - 54 6.4% (11.9%)
03. Sinan Bahadir Amateur - 33 8.9% (14.8%)
04. Justin Valdez Pro - 21 8.2% (11%)
05. Martino Colombo Elite 2.4% (10.8%)
06. Daniel Douglas Master - 5 23% (5.3%)
07. Francesco Fondelli Pro - 4 14.5% (4.1%)
08. Martin Jones Pro - 15 7.8% (2.7%)
09. Finn Shaw-McIver Rookie - 155 9% (0.3%)
10. Mikie Shaw Amateur - 44 6.7% (0.2%)


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Red Bulldog™ is the common name for
- Red Bulldog Racing (RBR)
- Scuderia Cane Toro Rosso (SCTR)

Red Bulldog™ has an active, eager and open group of helpful & experienced managers, all with a long term dedication to GPRO and Red Bulldog™. Our mission is to compete with the best teams GPRO has to offer, eventually taking some of the silverware...

As a member you may expect everything what any good team has to offer:
- Accurate & up to date tools for setup, race strategy, long term & seasonal planning, etc.
- Readily available knowledge, guides & guidelines,
- An active and secured chatroom + a forum

Red Bulldog™ recruits by directly approaching individual managers, with or without a team, who fit into our profile & moreover group. Our search includes all levels.

Open applications to join Red Bulldog™ can be send in English to either Jay or Mark (or both) with your ambitions, current knowledge, additional skills (if any) and supposed (team) activity.
Any applications to Red Bulldog™ without a prior PM to Mark or Jay or a previous invitation from us will be rejected without notification!

First many thanks to Sinan Bahadir for designing the teams livery!

RBR was founded in Season 66 by Mark van Daalen and Jay de Snoo with the ambition to compete with the best, both on an individual and on a team basis.

Being part of the team requires ample time & participation, a basic knowledge & continuous improvement in understanding the game hence a sure desire to reach the higher levels and a lot of persistence & dedication.

RBR will mainly – but not exclusively – recruit from SCTR. Joining RBR requires, apart from the above also a recommendation from either Mark or Jay and a majority vote from other current RBR members.

SCTR was founded in Season 72 by William Durant and is the more laid back version of RBR. It provides a place for:
- Future / potential RBR members to get used to the tools, game and/or team (and the team to them)
- Former RBR members who want / need to step back a bit cause of time issues

SCTR membership is not voted upon by members and the Team Leaders (William, Mark and Jay) decide.