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Име: Autonomous
Сајт тима:
Основан: Сезона 1 - Трка 1
Трофеја: 3
Победе у тимском купу: 3
Укупно поена: 34,793.05
Просек пона по трци: 23.62
Просек поена по сезони: 401.55
Просечан пласман: 166.23
Највише поена освојених у једној трци: 63.07 (Сезона 23 - Трка 16)
Пласман у сезони: 185
Поена у сезони: 186.2668
Тимска достигнућа:

52% остварено

Највише чланова у Елит рангу: 8 (Сезона 13, Трка 1)
Број чланова који су дошли до Елит ранга: 15
Укупан број трка у:
Ове сезоне:
Број супортера: 3
Слободних места: 1

Чланови тима

Место Нац Име Група Допринос
01. Jason Claydon Amateur - 70 8.4% (0.4%)
02. Raul Paya Amateur - 66 8.6% (0.6%)
03. Giovann Dima Rookie - 87 9.6% (0.6%)
04. Francesco Rossi Amateur - 74 15.8% (1.4%)
05. Henrique Nunes Amateur - 51 11% (0.2%)
06. Tibra Dy Calva Amateur - 8 8.6% (0.2%)
07. Wolf Roiter Amateur - 35 12% (0.2%)
08. Sagar Abhyankar Amateur - 60 17.1% (0.2%)
09. Konrad Zygadło Rookie - 65 8.9% (0%)


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Established in the very first race of the very first season Autonomous started its life in the guise of ‘Fastline Racing Team’, a team of calibre managers at the time and future world champions.
They won the GPRO 🏆 Championship in its 20th season, reaching the final of the cup, with another 🏆 Championship the following season before being renamed THE 10 in Season 23, a name the team adopted for much of its life.
They won the ⚱️ Cup immediately in Season 23 followed by a 3rd 🏆 Championship and 2nd ⚱️ Cup in Season 24.
From Season 1 to 38 the team was never out of the top 40, and in season 32 THE 10 won their last major honour, a 3rd ⚱️ Cup title.
It was the beginning of a decline for the team there after with some respectable finishes but never the same highs.
Many tried to rectify the team, in season 71 renaming it LMP CARSERVICE and in 78 another revamp, in Mooncraft Racing.
And in Season 86/87 after twice saving the team from going ‘zombie’ and the brink of collapse, Autonomous was born to bring some light and hope to a fading giant.

RacesM.o.t.sPolesWinsF. Laps
J. Claydon76362325
R. Paya1367816
G. Dima136112
F. Rossi219👑799
H. Nunes30000
T. Calva2991111
V. Jenkins29226
W. Roiter24616
S. Abhyankar11244
K. Zygadło0000

F. RossiS-86Amateur👑 M.o.t.s
T. CalvaS-86Rookie🏆 Championship
T. CalvaS-86Rookie⚱️ Cup

N. SkellyS-51Master⚱️ Cup
C. RomkesS-38Master🏆 Championship
T. KaminskiS-26Master🏆 Championship
E. TempelS-26Master⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikS-25Elite🏆 Championship
Z. HladikS-25Elite⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikS-25Elite✨One Big Race
Z. HladikS-24Elite🏆 Championship
Z. HladikS-24Elite⚱️ Cup
E. PranculeviciusS-23Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusS-23Elite✨One Big Race
Z. HladikS-23Elite⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikS-22Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusS-22Elite✨One Big Race
E. PranculeviciusS-22Elite⚱️ Cup
E. PranculeviciusS-21Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusS-21Elite✨One Big Race
H. JohannsenS-20Master🏆 Championship
H. JohannsenS-20Master✨One Big Race
R. SagatasS-18Master🏆 Championship
T. BubelevičiusS-17Master🏆 Championship
G. LaugalisS-6Elite🏆 Championship
G. LaugalisS-6Elite✨One Big Race