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Meno:Larry Watkins
Krajina: Nový Zéland
Registrovaný:Júl 4, 2010
Naposledy videný: Dec 27 2015, 08:46:02
Príspevky na fóre:120  (Pozrieť)
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Počet VC:0 (513)
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Certifikát: Manažér úspešne zvládol GPRO certifikačný test! (Júl 29, 2010)

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Prvá VC: Sezóna 20, VC č. 14
Počet prihlásení:8880
Prihlásený na GPRO:2534.5 hodín
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Kariéra manažéra Larry Watkins (Naposledy upravené: Okt 26 2015, 22:57:03)
First Race Season 20, Race 14.

Made most of the mistakes every Rookie makes.
Changed driver.
Spent heaps of money.

Then I Joined a team. ( Good move )
ANZRC Institute.

Season 21.
Learnt a lot, mainly from Morris Miers.
Won my Rookie Group.
8 wins.
But 5 randoms was a pain, it made for a tight contest with Tim, Kristo and Angelika.
Saved 55 million at one stage, then started testing!

Season 22.
Still learning.
First points in Amateur, 3 times!
Helped a mate out in holiday mode.
Always short of Cash .
Managed to stay in Amateur.

Season 23.
In third place with 1 lap to go. Down came the rain and the guys in front pitted!
My first Win in Amateur.!

Should I try for promotion, or save some money?
A few more wins and I'm leading the group.
Now I'll save money.
Promoted from 3rd place.

Season 24.
A choice of Tyre company's.
A Tech Director.
A new Driver. == ( Very silly move ).
Looking to stay up.
33rd is not a good start.
32nd seems to be my starting position in every race.

Moving up slowly.

A DNF due to a puncture, has totally stuffed my progress.
Driver is unmotivated and cash is short.
Almost recovered, running 6th until the last lap.

Sponsor withdrew.
4 races of negotiations wasted.
What a frustrating thing Sponsors are.

Team "Brabham GPRO" reached top 200 for the first time.

A new Tech Director.
Finally points in Pro.
A 7th.
Just 2 more points might be enough to stay here and try to do better.
Woow, Race 17, and 4th place.
Now the lack of money might be a problem for my second season in Pro.

Season 25.
Another frustrating season with grid positions in the 20's and placings around 10th.
No points for 10th, if only this driver would go as fast in Q as he does in the races.
But we managed to save about 40 Million, so Season 26 might be better.
Now where is a "good" driver? ( Another silly move. )

Season 26.
My Team Leader retired from GPRO.
We worked together for 5 seasons.
Now I experiment alone.
Where did all that money go?

Oh well, back to Amateur and save some money for another assault.

Season 27.
Found a driver.
Almost got points in race 2! 9th.
Good progress.
Race 9, Oh good some points, should be safe after a 3rd place.
Race 10, another 3rd.

First full season looking after a team.
3 promotions.

Season 28.
Cash is building up.
But cash doesn't win races.
What to do???

Season 29.
Promotion this season.
7 poles in a row.
No Risks just happy to finish in the top 4.
Half season and holding 2nd place in group.
A win!! The teams first Amateur Win since Season 25.

A little more risk, and crashed at the first corner = my first DNF for many seasons.
Master Luke is back. A good pep talk, to prepare for PRO.
Team reaches 154th.

Season 30.
PRO again.
It's fun promoting. Pity there aren't more steps.

Race 11 Mexico. My first Pole in PRO
Drivers favorite race helped A LOT.

Season 31.
Time to focus on my progress and get this spread sheet sorted out.
Race 4 Indy Oval. Another Pole! and not a favorite race.
Pity I planned to have a smoke this race.
So many invites, one way to stop them....
Formed "Kiwi's can Fly"

Season 32.
Joined the ANZAC fan site to help newbies

Some good races, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 3rd.
Some bad races 25th and 25th.
Best overall position so far with 4th equal ( 6th ) for the season.
Missed promotion to Master by 1 point.
A lack of money discouraged me from "Pushing" in the final race of the season.

Season 33.
Driver is due to retire.
{ He won a PRO race with his new manager ! }
New driver was slow...
Crashed at the first corner 2 races in a row.
Relegation. ( this is sad. )

"Kiwi's can Fly" did great with 3 Manager's winning Promotion.

Season 34 Amateur
And the Driver Market.
Destroyed my season.

Season 35

Season 36

Season 37
Racing... 3rd and Promotion.

Season 38
"Kiwi's can Fly" did great with 3 Manager's winning Promotion.

Season 39
1 single point.
Relegation = 1 single word "RAIN".

Season 40
A new driver, new ideas and
Start over..

Season 41

Season 42

Season 43

Season 44 to 47


After 20 seasons 28 of my friends had retired from GPRO!

Going up is fun.
Mid pack is ok.
Struggling at the bottom is not for most players, they leave.

I play sports, where struggling at the bottom has been a good way to quickly improve my skills.

But for most people if they can't see a way up, they would rather try a different game.
There are a heap of games trying to get your attention and time.

I think The gaps are too big.
GPRO needs more and therefore smaller steps.
Almost everyone makes Amateur, but
what percentage of people who start one race of GPRO make it to PRO?

Most of the time ( maybe 80% of the races ) we are building, and NOT racing.