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Meno:Lucas Holmes
Krajina: Anglicko
Registrovaný:Feb 15, 2012
Naposledy videný: Dnes o 00:39:15
Príspevky na fóre:278  (Pozrieť)
Trofeje: 0
Počet VC:2 (857)
Počet bodov:0 (1462)
Víťazstiev:0 (33)
Stupňov víťazov:0 (113)
Štartov z čela:0 (40)
Najrých. kôl:0 (9)
Body/Pretek: 0 (1.71)
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Osobné údaje

Prvá VC: Sezóna 29, VC č. 11
Počet prihlásení:6220
Prihlásený na GPRO:1147 hodín
Dátum narodenia: -
Miesto narodenia:-
Trvalé bydlisko:-
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Game data overview

Skupina:Pro - 16
Priebežné poradie:15
Peniaze: $??.???.???
Jazdec: Enrico Patrese (147)
Techn. R.: Žiadny
Clk. zručnosť:24
Pneu: Yokomama
Názov tímu: Nitrous F2 Racing
Team position:203
Tímové body:34


Motorolo (A56) - 14 pretekov
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Kariéra manažéra Lucas Holmes (Naposledy upravené: Júl 9 2021, 23:38:31)
Celebrating 9 years in GPRO :)

Rookie 111 479 14 41 11 2
Amateur 592 915 18 67 29 7
Pro 147 68 1 5 0 0

Top 3 GPRO moments:
* Season 69 Race 8 - First win at Pro level
* Season 52 Race 17 - Nitrous F2 breaks into the GPRO top 30
* Season 38 Race 17 - Totally fluked cup win without a single podium finish

Team Record
Nitrous F2 Racing - 499 Races/1110 Points
Britpack Racers - 274 Races/571 Points
Spitfire Racing - 77 Races/101 Points

Part of the Nitrous Racing family
Nitrous F1 Racing
Nitrous F2 Racing
Nitrous F3 Racing
Nitrous Racing Academy
*** PM me if you'd like to join ***

Season 43- I tried to prepare, but there were three managers who dominated the group. My first back to back missed races don't help. With yet another promotion chance gone, and getting increasingly bored of Amateur-23, I've decided to take a season break.

Season 42- My first and second Amateur wins were a long time coming. Good season, ready to fight for promotion.

Season 41- Points, but more importantly, 80 million saved for next season.

Season 40- Not a great season, and I had some horrible weather related luck, but I'm still in the group. More training.

Season 39- Finally got a better driver, who hopefully might take me to Pro after a few seasons of training. As for this season, another boring mid table finish.

Season 38- Pretty uneventful, I feel like I'm stuck in Amateur for a few more seasons. Got two points finishes, but my driver is too old to train. I did manage my first cup win through a whole lot of luck though, which is a nice feeling. Next season, just want a younger driver signed.

Season 37- Despite aiming for Pro, I struggled for points all season. Didn't make it to the podium in 16 attempts (although tech problems didn't help). However, I did have some surprisingly strong qualifying pace, which gave me my first and second ever pole positions. Now I just need fastest lap.

Season 36- Wanted a mid to high table finish, with some decent points, and did just that. Perhaps some more podiums would have been nice, but I am happy I have the car, driver and finances to chase promotion in Season 37.

Season 35- Retained in Amateur after a dramatic final race saw three people jump ahead, and two fall behind me in the standings. Really happy with the car, finances and driver. Aiming for consistent points finishes next season.

Season 34- Promotion with 2 races left, no drama. 3rd place is decent, and I managed to get a second win (this time in Italy). Also reached a personal best in the cup (Semi Finals).

Season 33- Tried hard, but a bad run of results at the start of the season left me at a disadvantage. Got it together towards the end, but my best finish (14th in my final race) was too far from the points. Disappointed with 33rd in the rankings, but my financial handling bodes well for the future, as does 17 new pieces of track data! Back to Rookie...

Season 32- Promotion! Despite forgetting to qualify for the second race, a string of podiums and points secures 2nd place before the end of the season. I only hope that my car and funds are up to the challenge of an amateur group.

Season 31- What starts as a third season of learning becomes a race for promotion after a strong 6th place in round one. Further points follow, as does a victory in the USA. However, I am pipped to the third place spot by about 4 points, as my driver contract expires before the final race, and his replacement fails to score. Disappointed, but the only way is up.

Season 30- More learning, with my driver picking up points towards the latter part of the season. A reasonable 8th place is compromised by me learning about the 85OA limit for Rookie Drivers. Oh well, a new season awaits!

Season 29- My first few races, a chance to get to grips with the game mechanics. Nothing particularly exciting, with a 9th Place race finish securing a lowly 23rd in the tables.

Silly Games Record
Exceptional SHEEP!- 7th of 43
Dangerous SHEEP- 13th of 57
SHEEP- HBFS Edition- 5th of 57
Multiplying SHEEP - 10th of 39
SHEEP- Xmas Edition - 7th of 42
ThE shEEp - 2nd (woo!) of 85
Anti-Sheep - 16th of 91

GPRO FIFA WCup S3- Last 16
GPRO FIFA WCup S5- Group Stage
GPRO FIFA WCup S6- Did not Qualify
GPRO FIFA WCup S7- Did not Qualify
GPRO FIFA WCup S8 - Quarter Final
GPRO World Cup Edition - Group Stage
GPRO Road to Euro 2016 - Last 16
Team WCup S1- Group Stage
Team WCup S2- Group Stage
GPRO FA Cup S37- Round 8
GPRO FA CUP S38- Round 2
GPRO FA Cup S39- Round 2
GPRO FA Cup S40- Round 3
GPRO FA Cup S41- Round 4
GPRO FA Cup S42- Round 2

You are Fired S2- 5th of 22
You are Fired S3- 6th of 16
You are Fired S5- 16th of 23
You are Fired S7- 12th of 21
You are Fired S8- 6th of 22
You are Fired S9- 12th of 20
You are Fired S10- 5th of 13
You are Fired S12 - 16th of 18
You are Fired S14 - 8th of 18
You are Fired S15 - 8th of 12
Wild West S1 - 9th of 13
Cowboy Shoot-out Beta - 1st of 10
Cowboy Shoot-out S1 - 6th of 10
Cowboy Shoot-out S2 - 14th of 16

Football Predictions
EC Prediction League Beta- 5th of 17 (League), 3rd (Cup)
EF Prediction League S7 - 27th of 28
EF Prediction League S8 - 21st of 22 (League), Group Stage (Cup)
EF Prediction League S9 - 17th of 22 (League), 3rd (Cup)
EF Prediction League S10 - 7th of 20 (League), Group Stage (Cup)
UEFA Predictions- 7th of 29
Football Predictions PL 2013-14- 6th of 41
1.4€ MC Football Prediction- 4th of 19
CL Predictions S1- 12th of 35 (League), Last 16 (Cup)
WC2014 Free Prediction- 63rd of 93
WC Scoreline Prediction 2014 - 60th of 140
2016 UEFA Euro Eliminator - 21st of 33

F1 Predictions
F1 Manager 2014- 32nd of 45
F1 Prediction 2014 S2 - 20th of 40 (League), 1st (Cup)
GPRO F1 Prediction S3 - 17th of 43

Mafia The Resistance- Win

F1 Forum Game S91- 22nd of 24
F1 Forum Game S143 - 18th of 19
Your Country Needs You- 15th of 49
Finish for Old F1 - 12th of 26

Flood/Spam game- 9th of 12
Quiz Masters S1- 5th of 8
Quiz Masters S2- 4th of 13
Winter Olympics 2014 - 2 Golds, 1 Silver
You vs GPRO- Round 3
2022 F1 Power Racing - 2nd (drivers), 2nd (teams)
2023 F1 Power Racing - 7th (drivers), 7th (teams)
2024 F1 Power Racing - Ongoing
Football World 2020 S4 - 6th (world plate)
Football World 2020 S5 - Ongoing
Closer is Better S7 - 15th (points), 4th (OBR)