Martin GranöToni SöyrinkiAbdullah KasapogluThomas UvynIvars VilksOlli TamminenDamir HictalerKaiko KellKen NeihartChris Wood

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Takım deseni:
Takım ismi: Association*ONE*Europe
Takım websitesi:
Kuruluş: Sezon 10, Yarış 11
Şampiyonluklar: 0
Kupa galibiyetleri: 0
Toplam puan: 38,273.92
Ortalama puan / yarış: 27.07
Ortalama puan / sezon: 460.15
Sıralamalardaki ortalama pozisyon: 61.88
Bir yarışta kazanılan en çok puan: 50.73 (Sezon 17, Yarış 3)
Sezon pozisyonu: 20
Sezon puanı: 415.5337
Takım başarıları:

33% elde edildi

Aynı anda Elite'te olan menajer sayısı: 3 (Sezon 65, Yarış 1)
Elite'e ulaşan menajer sayısı: 8
Yapılan yarışlar:
Toplam sonuçlar:
Bu sezonki sonuçlar:
Destekçi sayısı: 6
Boş yerler: 0

Takım üyeleri

Yer Ülk Menajer ismi Grup Katkı
01. Martin Granö Amateur - 9 6.3% (0.2%)
02. Toni Söyrinki Master - 1 23.2% (16.7%)
03. Abdullah Kasapoglu Pro - 4 4.1% (2%)
04. Thomas Uvyn Master - 4 9.8% (7.9%)
05. Ivars Vilks Pro - 9 18% (1.7%)
06. Olli Tamminen Amateur - 65 4.7% (7.2%)
07. Damir Hictaler Pro - 4 10.8% (3.8%)
08. Kaiko Kell Amateur - 19 5.6% (3.6%)
09. Ken Neihart Amateur - 59 5.4% (0.4%)
10. Chris Wood Amateur - 21 12.2% (0.5%)

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Welcome to AO Family!

Association One Europe was established way back in season 10 by a group of new, yet enthusiastic, managers. Over the seasons we have worked together to make sure that everyone in the team reaches the goals they set for themselves.

United under this common roof of Association One, AOE and AOG work alongside through an external forum. With this constant exchange of ideas and experiences from the different levels and a myriad of perspectives, we have been able to reach the highest tier and maintain consistent results season after season.

AOG is the child of an amazing commitment to the team from ex AOE managers, who took some time away from the game before rejoining. And thus with active participation of 20 intriguing beings, we present to you the AO brand.

We also have other initiatives such as our Association One Cup which also goes to show that the bond we have developed goes beyond the scope of GPRO and further expands into each and everyone's lives.

We would like to thank Pavlin Tzvetanov, who designed the team liveries, for his wonderful effort.

Meet our sister team AOG here: